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Passing Multiple RTS options to a haskell executable

by Clement Delafargue on July 21, 2017

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This post is just there to store a nugget of haskell configuration somewhere and maybe help others. So if you’re having trouble with -with-rtsopts and multiple RTS options, here’s how to do it:

executable my-exe
  ghc-options:         -threaded -rtsopts "-with-rtsopts=-N -T"

Notice the quotes around the whole -with-rtsopts (you can also use multiple -with-rtsopts flags). Turns out cabal splits on spaces and inserts quotes everywhere. Yay shotgun parsers!

Now that’s out of the way, here’s a little context.

Thanks @alpmestan for giving me the solution!

Haskell RTS

To make an executable program, the GHC system compiles your code and then links it with a non-trivial runtime system (RTS)

(The emphasis on non-trivial is mine).

The RTS handles garbage collection, light threading and a lot of other things.

You can pass RTS options to an existing binary:

./my-exe +RTS -N -T -RTS
GHCRTS="-T -N" ./my-exe

If you want to pass default options when compiling the binary, you can use -with-rtsopts in your cabal config file.

The -N option enables the parallel runtime, which will use the multiple cores to improve performance. -N is added by default in the stack-new template, so you may already use it.

GC Tracing

At Clever Cloud, we’re working on a new metrics system, capable of gathering user-defined metrics about applications. Since haskell has ekg, we’re working on a top-notch ekg integration :-)

I already gather WAI metrics (latency distribution, request count, error count, etc…), but I wanted to also fetch GC stats. It’s super easy to do with ekg (registerGcMetrics), but it depends on runtime tracing to be enabled with -T. The ekg docs says -T is super lightweight and is a good default. I’ve not done proper benchmarking about it though.

If you want an example of how easy it is to setup GC + WAI metrics with EKG, and report it through statsd, have a look at my homepage:

Keywords galore

Since I’ve had trouble finding a solution with a search engine, I’ll just put various queries I’ve tried in hope it will help other people find the solution.

    -with-rtsopts=-N -T
ghc: unrecognised flag: -T
ghc: unrecognised flag: -N


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