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Of conferences and CoCs

by Clement Delafargue on September 13, 2014

Tagged as: adainitiative, code of conduct.

Edit 2014-09-22

The fund raising went quite well, the orginal goal of $4096 was reached in about 5 hours. The goal was stretched to $8192 and then $10000 before the end of the challenge. No news from @theOfficialACM though.

Thank you to everyone who’s donated, whatever the amount, and thank you to everyone who helped us publicize this action.

Original article

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Codes of Conduct are an important part of making conferences safe for everyone to attend. That’s why I’ve pushed it for, why I’ve set up one for my office and why I’ve publicly asked to have one.

Of course, just having a code of conduct is not enough. Conferences need to publicize their CoCs to really make them useful.

That’s why I’m taking part with Tim Chevalier, Adam Foltzer, Eric Meritt and Chung-chieh (Ken) Shan in a challenge. There are two goals: raise $4096 for the Ada Initiative, and call on the ACM to publicize and implement their anti-harassment policy in all of their conferences.

To help, you can:

  • Donate to the Ada Initiative before Friday, September 19, 5:00PM (Pacific Time)
  • Ask the ACM to consistently publicize their Anti-Harassment Policy for all their conferences by tweeting something along these lines:

I donated to @adainitiative b/c I want @theOfficialACM events to publicize their Anti Harassment Policy #lambda4ada

For more information, please check Tim’s article.

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