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You've convinced me boss, I'll work with Windev and PC Soft

by Clement Delafargue on May 1, 2014

Tagged as: what the actual fuck, sexism.

A few days ago, I’ve received a promotional package from PC soft about their platform, Windev.

WinDev package

As you can see, WinDev is about software development.

This is about software

WebDev is about web development.

Nice web design and content

It sure looks easy to use.

The IDE looks nice

What’s nice it that the fairly technical content has meaningful illustrations.

Oh, their tech is scalable!
It even has a foreach loop

It allows people to easily create relevant charts and dataviz.

Nice chart
Look at how the data is easy to read

Bottom line: sending me porn won’t make me use your shitty platform.

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