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TDD, as in Type-Directed Development

by Clement Delafargue on March 12, 2014

Tagged as: tdd, type-safety, talk.

I gave a talk about Type-Directed Development at the Human Talks Nantes

Here is the abstract:

Test-Driven Development is widely accepted as good practice. But can we do better? By specifying your program’s behaviour with types, you can go a very long way, with more confidence and with less hassle than with tests.

In this talk, I’ll show a new vision of types, explore the fundamental differences between specifying with types and specifying with tests. I’ll talk about how types allow us to prove properties about our program and how genericity is a tremendously powerful tool for specification. I’ll show means of reasoning based on types and assess specifically what it provides.

Lastly, I’ll show how to complement Type-Directed Development with Test-Driven Development to specify with tests what’s left after laying out the types.

Slides in PDF

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