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by Clement Delafargue on July 10, 2013

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I’m pleased to announce that’s CFP is now open.

Scala.IO is an annual conference hosted in Paris, on October 24th and 25th, focused around the Scala language and more broadly about functional programming.

Language users and library designers will meet and share experience about scala tools and functional programming techniques used in real-world projects.

The talks will be in French or in English, depending on the speakers. will be an extremely interesting meetup for anybody who wants to gain knowledge and efficiency in scala and functional programming.

Early bird tickets will be available soon, stay tuned!

Submit a talk

The CFP is open until August, 25th but try not to submit at the very end of the window :)

We are looking for speakers willing to share their experience on building applications with scala or any other language, following functional programming techniques.

If you have successfully (or not, even more interesting!) applied functional programming techniques to software projects, consider submitting a talk.

If a talk is accepted, the speakers (max. 2) will be granted free entrance to the event.

There are 3 kinds of talks:

  • Session (24 minutes): experience report or presentation or a tool / library / technique, no need to try to be too technical

  • Long session (42 minutes): more in-depth talks about a specific tool / library / technique

  • Workshop (3h): Practical coding sessions where the attendees are supposed to follow on their machine. The speaker will also be able to interact with the attendees and to assist them if needed.

More details on the CFP page on

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