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Welcome Back

by Clément Delafargue on October 21, 2012

Tagged as: misc.

New Stuff

It’s been a long time without posts. The previous blog was a bit heavyweight and I did not have enough time to update it correctly.

This new blog will revolve around a few topics :

  • Configuring my system (primarily aboout exherbo, systemd, xmonad)
  • Stuff I learn at work (primarily about libraries / languages I work with)
  • Stuff I learn during my free time (primarily papers / talks about FP and CS)
  • Stuff I teach (mainly in French - sorry)
  • Occasional rants (but I’ll try to be nice)

Please note:

This blog is proudly built using Hakyll. I basically took the tagblog example and customized a bit the templates.

I prefer spending time on Haskell rather than spending time on CSS, therefore the design is quite… minimal. I’ll try to improve it over time, but don’t expect too much.

This blog is available as a git repository and hosted on The Clever Cloud.

I chose to license the contents of this blog with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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