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Blog deployment system

by Clément Delafargue on October 21, 2012

Tagged as: misc.

I’ve spent some time to have an automatic deployment system for this blog. I’ll explain briefly how it works.


This blog is statically generated with Hakyll. The generated files are placed in _site (which is .gitignore’d).

The hosting platform is Clever Cloud which offers git deployment.

Since the generated are not versioned, I can’t directly push it. For that, I need to create a new empty, orphan branch :

git checkout --orphan publish

This branch will now hold the generated files.

So every time I publish something, I have to :

  • generate a clean site
  • checkout to publish
  • remove the source files and copy the generated files
  • commit
  • push
  • get back to master and clean up the mess

Plus a few extra (save the current state to a stash during the deployment, for instance).

All of which conveniently wrapped in a make publish. Feel free to read and comment the source code (which is quite dirty, I know). Makefile

There are a few ToDos left, such as tagging and signing every publication.

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